Sunday, September 9, 2007


Ok we already know that Aprilia getting ready to introduce a mega motard later this year but how about the japanese? We all know that Suzuki tries to be on top either with cutting edge sportbikes (GSXR1000 K7, New hayabusa,RMZ450 with FI etc ) I think they are going to be the first japanese company with a Hypermotard answer... they already have a nice motor (SV1000-650) a versatile frame (Vstrom-SV) the only thing they need is RMZ styling and .. here is a nice looking decent priced mega motard!!!! PLEASE SUZUKI


toddy said...

this suzuki supermoto looks pretty sweet. I would have to go with a sportsbike though.I love gixers. The Suzuki GSX-R1000's dominance are simple. Sublime, lithe ergonomics and handling, radical styling and full-on usable power. The bikes looks good too. Im thinking of buying one. gonna check out some bike insurance quotes to see how much this beast is gonna cost me to get on the road. then i'll have to sweet talk the wife into letting me have one.

Anonymous said...

Pfff...They can't even update the 400 (you know a little thing called "injection", an extra 50cc, whatever?).

I'd be REALLY suprised if this came out.