Sunday, September 9, 2007

2009 Suzuki Stratosphere 1100

Yes, the Suzuki Stratosphere 1100 is going to be in the showrooms in 2009. The two videos above show the much awaited Suzuki Stratosphere 1100 in action, which is now rumoured to be launched in 2009.

Facts on the Stratosphere:-An exceptionally smooth, all-new 1100cc inline six-cylinder engine with around 200 horses on play. -Mated to an automatic gearbox, but the 'box will allow the rider to shift gears manually too.-Keyless start, colour LCD display panel, LED headlamps, GPS and advanced anti-theft features

Looks like a modern Katana1100


Anonymous said...

Afriemd of mine works for Suzuki in LA and he tells me that the stratosphere is not for the U.S. market. Has anybody heard otherwise?

Giannis said...

Not a production model yet...