Monday, March 31, 2008


Looks like the SOS (sound of Singles) mid 90s calss comes back again.. In US and UK they getting ready for national classes based on MX machines with small changes to make them road racers...

What better time for the Japanese Manufactors to build singles again... Im sure all those kids who once raced 125cc bikes would love a 450cc singe on the track as a step to the bigger bikes..

Well here is my rendering on a Yamaha Single (Yamaha already made a supersinge back in the 90s called SZR660, google it...) with a WR450F motor, electric start, wide ratio gearbox and R1/R6 style for this small rocket.

BSB Superbikes Gallery

Some nice pics before the BSB season kicks in

A nice looking 1098Rs

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Starck / Voxan

Philippe Starck (Aprilia 6.5) Redesigns a Voxan Cafe Racer Looks Different... ;)