Monday, October 8, 2007

One Weird Honda

1984 Honda Wanted to impress the competitors and the public so they did build a V4 NSR500.. But that wasnt enough, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki already run 4 cylinder two strokes since the late 70s.. Honda fliped the tank and the pipes... so the tank went downstairs and they had to use fuell pumps to deliver the race gas upstairs to the magnesium carbs and the out take moved upstairs covered by a fake fuel tank cover!!! Spencer never liked the bike... He even switched to his trusty V3 and won races... his excuse? The bike was perfectly balanced when was full ov fuel since the center of gravity moved way low.. but by the mid part of the race the fuel start to get lower and the weight moved on the top where the pipes where.. The bike had a poor handling on the final laps due to the center of gravity. Honda Moved the bike to the museum and replaced it with a very competitive NSR500 and NSR250.. Spencer won both Championships the following year!!

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imba said...

Now, THAT' S a bike that i'd never wanna ride!!!!! :-)